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China Youth Daily: brand building to become a central enterprises "number one" project

Number of visits: Date:2014-01-09

  January 3, SASAC issued "Guidance on strengthening the central corporate brand building" (the "Opinion"), the requirements of the end of 2020, the central enterprises to clear emergence of a number of brand strategy, brand management system, brand building remarkable achievements of the enterprise; form a group of high-quality products, excellent service, with a wide-ranging influence of the well-known brand; cultivate a group with independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness of their own brands.

  Although the number of central enterprises to enter the world top 500 enterprises increased year by year, but the "big but not strong," the problem persists, especially the lack of a global-known brands. SAC recognized the central enterprises to achieve "stronger and better, world-class" goal we must strive to build a world-class brand.

  Moreover, the brand is an important foundation for protection of corporate competitiveness and sustainable development capacity. With the new round of technological and industrial revolution speed up evolution, especially on the Internet as the core information technology is widely used, has a differentiated and high-quality brand, has increasingly become the key to win the market competition. Central enterprises to win new competitive advantage, it must have a number of independent intellectual property rights by creating the core brand, quality and efficiency to achieve the transition from scale expansion, transition from the low-end value chain to value chain.

  In addition, to strengthen brand building is to improve the international management level of actual needs. With the acceleration of economic globalization, with international brands has become an important means of leading the global allocation of resources and market development. The use of well-known multinational brand influence in the global organization development, procurement and production, implement mergers and acquisitions, leading international standards, it has won more room for development. At present, Chinese enterprises in the international division of labor more in the low-end value chain, the lack of international discourse, the global allocation of resources and the ability to explore the international market capacity needs to be improved.

  Moreover, the brand as an intangible asset, is an important part of corporate value. Most of the central enterprises have not concerned about increasing the value of brand equity, brand equity management and protection level is far behind the multinationals. Some companies paid upon the merger and reorganization of the higher brand premium, but for Sale Shique ignore brand equity, leading brand equity is undervalued or loss.

  In view of this, the central enterprises must vigorously implement the brand strategy, brand strategy as the highest competitive strategy, to infiltrate all levels of the company's operational management.

  "Opinions" stressed that the central enterprises should cultivate brand of independent innovation as the core, the brand value of innovation as an important measure of effectiveness. To form their own intellectual property rights and brand, to enhance the integration of innovation, foster original innovation ability, has a number of key technologies to accelerate efforts to achieve from the "Made in China" to "Created in China" change. To keep a close eye to customer demand, continue to create value for customers. To vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries, high-tech industries and ordered to enter strategic emerging industries, enhance the voice of international standards, to seize the commanding heights of industry development.

  Meanwhile, the central enterprises should, as the cornerstone of high-quality brand, adhere to customer first, establish and improve the comprehensive quality management system, a high degree of attention to customer demands, improve the service system, adhere to excellence, and strive to build first-class brands and international brands.
"Opinions" also requires the central enterprises should brand integrity as the lifeblood of business law, honest and trustworthy, and resolutely put an end to "Diantaiqike" behavior occurs, to create "a hundred years old"; to be sincere to consumers, appears credibility When the crisis, not evade, do not cover up, not perfunctory. To strengthen public relations, and actively safeguard the interests of investors, creditors, suppliers and other stakeholders, improve the information disclosure system, create a good brand-building environment. To adhere to the people-oriented, building a harmonious enterprise, create a good image. We must continue to serve the national strategy to ensure market supply, maintenance of public security, the promotion of price stability, participation in Yuanjiang Tibet aid green poverty alleviation work, actively participate in social welfare activities and emergency relief, the central enterprises play an exemplary role.

  SAC asked the central enterprises to brand work as "number one" project task, a consistent and perseverance.

  On this basis, the central enterprises also according to strategic objectives and implementation steps of brand building, increase capital investment, funding and brand building into the annual budget. To strengthen the introduction of the brand professionals, training, use, build brand building professional teams as soon as possible. To give full play to the role of professional bodies, trade organizations and the media, the combination of internal and external forces of brand building.

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