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Facing the dilemma struggle perseverance journey --2015 open session ended military training new employees

Number of visits: Date:2015-10-20

  According to the overall arrangements for the company's new employee training in 2015 July 23 to August 3, 114 new employees in certain Air Force Base for a period of 10 days of military training. In the meantime, strict management system, regular rest rules, professional military training, intended to conduct military specification new employees, requiring employees to do Run, self-restraint, perseverance perseverance, hard.
  Morning, accompanied by whistling sound reveille sounds, daytime, facing the sun Eau sweat, at night, the Communist Youth League organized a variety of activities, at the same time promoting individual into the collective, regulating the physical and mental fatigue. Although the day had a simple but full and regular, we learned a lot of new employees. Day will enhance military training, physical training, evening activities active atmosphere, rich spirit.
  Indeed, the world is born from many excellent simple, just as extraordinary things happen in the ordinary post. Intention to complete each task, regardless of size, weight, urgency, after sustained polished, refined, reflection, will be harvested. So it goes, practice makes perfect. Wu made clever technology, need is a receptive, thoughtful, aggressive, persistent pursuit of the heart. Furthermore, with the military perspective, this extraordinary than execution. May the surface, execution, you need to give up self, it is painful and contrary to present my behavior. But after a thorough analysis, it is able to find that only the self is reduced, in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, solidarity and cohesion in absolute obedience under.
  If daytime training is personally, and the evening's activities is in the probation mind. Every evening activities, both colorful and memorable. Here, the Communist Youth League secretary Wang Chan to send wonderful lecture to each new employee an access to the "paradise" of tickets. Wang Jianguo Ministers discussed from the perspective of Earth, the manners of the road, but also by the personal experiences presented their time and space, life and death concept, new employees who benefit. Harder to forget is the way the Communist Youth League with Xianyihouyang 7 new employees in August was born to celebrate a birthday, this sudden surprise of the new employees feel the real warmth of the steam in the family, like a soul Oasis, moved palpable. In addition, the Ministry of Finance Wang luman to talk to new employees recruited after financial problems you may encounter, as well as handling the way the lecture. These interludes during training activities, to build the spiritual world beyond the material, is the portrait of sharing practical life and work experience. Activity bit by bit, which still vividly, such as barracks green leaves little red hearts, such as soft rock can be worn in water, so that we we fortitude while not forgetting to have a soft heart.
Ten days of military training, in the face of continued high temperatures, heavy military tasks, new employees who resolutely adhere to work together, hand in hand to weather the storm end. Period, the company CYL accompanied, actively coordinate food, accommodation, bathing and other details, patiently asking employees' needs and physical condition, the provision of drugs for the discomfort symptoms. These various care, so that military training is no longer just a system of strict, but demonstrates the system warmth. When employees are facing the sun heat, sweat, filling the military will, understand, and we should not be pursuing ease and pleasure, but to abandon the impetuous to work hard as a starting point, with the sweat of the river for the tracks , looking forward to personal growth and dedication to others. When employees feel the system warmth, came to realize that, hardship is not a goal, it honed compressive spirit, indomitable will, forging obedience and institutionalization, and enhance the consciousness of unity and progress, is the goal.
  August 3 afternoon, Deputy General Manager Zhang Huiyi, trade union chairman Hwang Jung, Minister of Comprehensive Management Department Wang Jianguo, Minister of Human Resources Zhang Liqiang, Communist Youth League secretary Wang Chan, attended the closing ceremony of the camp, reviewed the results of the training staff. Employees in uniform, mighty tall, eyes perseverance, high-spirited and enterprising. Sarkozy steps, goose, still, along with the pace of sonorous; salute, par, stopping between forwarding, facing the bright sun; military boxing drills, fists bursts of wind. After the breakdown of Performers, deputy general manager Zhang Huiyi sure in his speech the employees in hard training in the military, praised employees for outstanding performance in the parade, and expressed concern for employees and hope. Subsequently, during the military training for the outstanding performance of 14 pacesetter awarded certificates and prizes, it is encouraged.
In the final art show, the talented employees who have done their best, is holding the principles of entertainment, he drew laughter from the audience, the laughter just as the rain comes the good herald. Military training was tough, but is bound to laugh and harvest of ending. This will also be the new employees recruited after the firm belief: today's efforts and struggle, tomorrow will bring you joy and achievement.
  Harvest perseverance, precipitation warmth, realize philosophy, are summarized in the military memories.
  With the sun of training, he lit our morale;
  Spiritual journey activities lecture, clarity you my eyes.
  Even though the impact of wind, storm capsized have fortitude and face;
  Open struggle journey, Build beautiful life!

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