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The ability dream achievement by learning from the start career - record company's third report of English proficiency courses to enhance assessment and graduation ceremony

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-15

  After two months of continuous system of learning, September 28 afternoon, the company's third-period English skills upgrade training ushered in the final report on the assessment and graduation ceremonies.

  The reported assessment "team style show + personal speech + Crazy guess the word" form training test results. Event invitations architectural engineering vice president Zhang Wanming Wah, Vice Minister Liu Jiao Contract Management, Production Management Department (company first English speech contest first place), painting Academy of Engineering Liu Yi (the company's first assessment of English language training graduation English moderator), construction hospital Wan Jie Yun (the company's second championship of English training regiment, outstanding students) and served as the training instructor Selly judges, set up headquarters in white ice as the current representative of the participants acted as moderator.

  Assessment activities, carefully prepared each study group and vivid interpretation of the scene sketch, PPT presentations, poetry readings, a small choir, movie clips mimic many other interesting programs in English, showing the vibrant, full of dreams, unity and enterprising spirit face. Subsequently, each group selected three participants were in accordance with Title ballot one and a half per person speech, energy from environmental protection to the spirit of sport, from cultural integration to life choices, students with simplicity of language set forth personal sentiment. The most exciting part of the crazy guess the word, each group sent one man gesturing a guess, students witty performances and interesting answer more attracted to laughter from the audience, the applause continued. Finally, Selly teachers do the assessment summary, construction Wah vice president Zhang Wanming more impromptu English encouraged the majority of students cherish the rare opportunities for development company, adhere to good foreign language learning habits, a positive contribution in the process of internationalization of the company's strength.

  From late July to late September, the company's third-period English skills upgrading courses adhere to every Tuesday, Thursday evening lectures, carried out a total of 18 courses, including 14 regular lectures on subjects such as science and technology, arts, tourism, culture all aspects of traditional and other daily exchange; phased salon three times, respectively, the movie imitation, English debate, individual speeches assessment; otherwise graduation examination 1 times. During the training courses is also actively exploring the "process incentive" approach, by periodically issuing micro letter envelopes encourage enthusiasm trainees. In the drill again and again and PK, students gradually break through the self, positive communication, self-confidence, thinking and speaking in English to communicate in English is significantly improved, learning model emerging. Among them, the construction project of a hospital Fengtian Dong obtain English debate Salon "best debater" title; Asset Finance Ministry Sun Fengling obtain personal speech assessment first good results.

  The graduation ceremony, construction of Hospitals Zhang Wanming vice president, vice minister Liu Jiao contract management, the company secretary of the Communist Youth League Wang Chan were made of 35 students graduate qualifications issued a certificate of completion. Painting Academy of Engineering Cao Jiaxin, process design Lisong Yang, Sun Fengling asset finance department, construction hospital Guo Yuan, construction Hospitals Liujun Song, construction of a hospital Donghui six participants access to training and other "outstanding individuals" title; contract management unit Meng Lei access to training "excellent class leadership," the title; the fifth group of Monkey King team access to training "champion team" title, construction and four homes Pan Xiaotao access to training "champion regiment" title. Human Resources Minister Zhang Liqiang as access to training, "outstanding individuals", "excellent class leadership", "champion team" of students and study groups awarded honorary certificates.

  Studies such as crossbows, just as arrowheads. Only diligent study and increase their abilities to meet the development requirements of the company to become the pillars of. The company also will strive to provide our employees to build a platform for growth in knowledge and play to the stage for the voyage of the world accumulates in the steam power engineering, energy reserves.


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