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International Investment Co., Ltd. Tianjin Zhongxing Zhongxing industrial base supporting the housing construction project environmental information second publicity

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1. Project Overview
Project Name: Tianjin Investment International Ltd. ZTE ZTE industrial base supporting the housing construction projects
Construction: New
Construction scale: the planned total area of ​​6.2 hectares, with a total construction area of ​​143,800 m2
Construction Content: The project intends to Tianjin Airport Economic Zone and the East Ring road junction Southwest seven new land, ZTE industrial base supporting the construction of residential housing and public facilities, with a total construction area of ​​143,800 m2, of which residential construction area of ​​105,570 m2, total Construction of 23 9 to 13 storey high-rise residential buildings, can accommodate 1152; supporting the building, including neighborhood, property management, cultural activity room, community service points and other public buildings 1620 m2; and construction shop early, convenience stores, banks and other businesses. While building parking lots (garages). The total investment of 622.85 million yuan.
Power is supplied from the factory in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone municipal power system; the implementation of water supply, water binding mode, where water from the Tianjin Airport Economic Zone municipal water supply network, water supplied by the water supply system in the airport area; the proposed establishment of a full-time focus domestic hot water supply systems, the use of solar hot water systems, auxiliary heating is gas water heater; factory drainage system for the rain, sewage diversion system, sewage septic tanks and grease traps after by municipal sewer network eventually discharged Airport Economic Zone Sewage treatment plant to focus; natural gas is supplied from the airport area of ​​the city gas pipeline network.

2. Environmental and Preventive Measures
Construction period: Construction noise, construction dust, construction waste and other effects. Moisturizing take sprinkler dust; building insulation, noise reduction measures to control the construction time; after excavation and backfill or timely removal of garbage and other measures to minimize construction impacts may be.
Operating period:
Gas: gas pollution produced by the project is mainly generated during the combustion gas exhaust living, cooking fumes and so on. Natural gas belongs to clean energy, gas exhaust fumes of all pollutants, SO2, NOx emission rate, the emission concentration can meet the "air pollutant discharge standard" (GB16297-1996) Table 2 secondary standards; fumes from the kitchen through the top of the stove Exhaust Hood collected after fume purification facilities for processing, lead by building built dedicated to building at the top of the flue emissions, soot emission concentration can be achieved, "cooking fume emission standards (Trial)" (GB18483-2001) standards.
Wastewater: Wastewater pollution generated by the project are all sewage, where flushing, washing treated sewage discharged by septic tanks, grease trap after treatment by oily wastewater emissions. Efflux major pollutants in wastewater SS, COD, BOD5, NH3-N, animal and vegetable oils, the concentration of total phosphorus emissions can meet DB12 / 356-2008 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" (three) requirements, the municipal pipe network into Tianjin Airport Economic Zone sewage treatment plant to focus, impact on the water environment is very small.
Noise: The main noise sources include motor-rise building elevator machine room, heat transfer stations and other indoor facilities, underground garage air supply, exhaust fan and used shop early fan and other kitchen fume emission, noise source intensity is 75 ~ 80dB (A). Take the set damping basis, building insulation and other measures, each field boundaries predicted noise predictive value to meet the "social life of environmental noise emission standards" (GB22337-2008) requirements.
Solid waste: mainly from office waste, generated by commercial public buildings housing residents generated waste packaging, food waste and other solid waste. The project bagged various solid waste collection, waste packaging and other recyclable part Takeout, regular daily rest solid waste removal process.

3. Environmental Feasibility
Construction of the project in line with national and Tianjin industrial policy; siting of industrial land, land-use planning in line with airport economic zone. The project to produce gas, waste water, noise, solid waste and other pollutants are to take appropriate measures to control environmental management, solid waste disposal reasonable whereabouts, after the project put into operation to achieve discharge standards and total pollutant control requirements area. The project in ensuring the effective implementation of environmental management measures and ensure that environmental investment in full under the premise of investment, have environmental feasibility.

4. Learn more about the project in the form of information
From now obtainable "Tianjin Investment International Ltd. ZTE ZTE industrial base supporting the Environmental Impact Report residential construction projects Letters of the" Reading to the evaluation unit via telephone.

5. Scope and key issues for public comment
The construction project will have life, affecting your work environment, the favorable or unfavorable impact on your area. These include: rationality and the degree of influence on your life construction sites siting; project construction and operation of possible environmental impact of your life on the (mainly gas, noise, etc.); your attitude to the project construction and environmental proposals.

6. The specific form for public comment
Detailed comments you can contact by phone, e-mail and other forms of evaluation units.

7. The public comments of the beginning and ending time
With immediate effect within ten days, may submit your comments and suggestions on the project via telephone, e-mail and other forms.
Construction Unit: Tianjin Zhongxing International Investment Co.
Contact: Mr. Yu
Tel: 13920714281
Email: [email protected]

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