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Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. plant project EIA first information publicity

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-18

1. Description
  Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. in the project construction process of the production equipment, production technology, environmental management measures were partial adjustment. To improve the environmental management requirements, Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. entrusted fourth Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Changes affecting supplementary report prepared for the project environment. Now according to laws and regulations of the state and Tianjin, to the public for the first time information was published.
  Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute of the fourth stage of being responsible for the authenticity of information published. With the implementation of the project to carry out the process and EIA work, the relevant information will improve or adjust.

2. Project Summary
  Project Name: Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co. plant projects;
  Location: Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huayuan Industrial District (outside the ring) Haitai huake four   fifth, east China Branch Four Haitai Tianjin Academy of Engineering machinery, west bus bridge factory in Tianjin, south of Industrial space, north Light Alloy Co., Ltd. Tianjin Rui Xinchang.
  Project Industry: C3551 textile and special equipment manufacturing;
  Project Programme: annual suspended flyer roving machine 1400 series, the new winder 36;
  Construction Content: New NC One, two workshops, assembly one, two workshops, cold shop, paint room, office, R & D building, new product introductions building, the quality of the supply unit and the public, and environmental protection facilities.

3, the construction unit summary
  The construction unit name: Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
Construction Address: Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huayuan Industrial District (outside the ring) Haitai huake four AA
  Construction Unit Contact: Mr. Tian
  Construction Unit Tel: 022-87931280

4. Summary of rating agencies
  Rating agencies Name: Fourth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry
  Rating agencies Certificate Number: State EIA Certificate A word No. 2505
  Rating agencies Address: 13 Xiyuan Road, Luoyang City, Henan Province
  Rating agencies Contact: Mr. Guo
  Rating agencies Tel: 0379-64819314
  Rating agencies Fax: 0379-64819222
  E_mail: [email protected]

5, environmental impact assessment procedures and the main content
  (1) EIA procedure
  Construction unit delegate qualified EIA mechanism, for the first time the construction project environmental information disclosure, the EIA body according to the national norms, regulations, standards and guidelines require environmental impact of a supplementary report by the preparation of the project, an environmental impact report abridged publicity that is The second announcement, conduct public opinion surveys, the construction unit to the environmental protection department to declare the environmental impact of a supplementary report and other related materials, environmental protection authorities for approval.
(2) EIA content
  After verifying the existing engineering data, to determine the project on the basis of strong emission sources, reasonably determine the scope of the evaluation;
  Site reconnaissance and sensitive environmental point survey, combined with state of the environment in the project area and environmental protection goals, to carry out environmental quality survey, survey of pollution sources;
  Analysis of environmental impact and scope of the project, environmental impact assessment and environmental risk assessment to predict, based on environmental quality standards, the total area of ​​the control requirements and national pollution control technology policy, environmental impact of economic profit and loss analysis, pollution control strategies;
  On the status of environmental quality, environmental impact and pollution prevention countermeasures project (including management measures) recommendations, listen to public opinion, on this basis, to optimize pollution prevention measures;
  In the work, based on the environmental feasibility of the project are given objective conclusions;
Prepare an environmental impact supplementary report submitted to the environmental protection administrative department for approval decisions.

6, the main issues for public comment
  (1) for public comment content
  Environmental quality of the proposed site in your area, and personally think that the existence of environmental problems; the level of understanding of the project; environmental protection measures during the project construction and operation should be taken, environmental management advice or recommendations; the attitude of the project construction.
  (2) public place, manner
  In steam engineering company website online publicity.

7, the main form of public comments
They can express their views and opinions on the project EIA by sending e-mail, telephone, fax, letter or in person to the above address and so on.
Public comments please leave your name and basic information (unit or residence, education, occupation, contact information, etc.) for a return visit, if necessary, the EIA units will reflect the public comments and suggestions supplemental environmental impact report.
8, information dissemination expiration date
Since information released from the stop on the 10th.

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