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If (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd. project EIA second information bulletin

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  1 Project Overview
  If (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises from Germany if the food Limited (IF FOODS GERMANY LIMITED) investment in Tianjin established. Germany if the food Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong, the main production and sales of cold-pressed from the fruit juice products.

  If (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd. 2000 tons of fresh juices project is located in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Yixian Science-Based Industrial Park, Block 16, East Chui Ming Road plant B, renting existing plant for production and office, workshop construction area of ​​2000m2, including single production plant, ends two-story office and living space and auxiliary boiler room. Installation of production equipment and ancillary facilities within the plant utilities.

  The total investment is $ 1,156,000, with an annual output of pure fresh juice products 2000 tons of production capacity after the formation of the project is completed.

  The project is scheduled to begin construction in November 2014 and completed in February 2015.

  May have some impact on the surrounding environment after the project is operational, we will through scientific and rational design and management, the impact of the project to a minimum.

  2 Project main environmental impacts and protective measures to be taken
  2.1 Construction Environmental Impact

  This project is leasing the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone on the 16th Road Ming Chui Yat-Sen Scientific Industrial Park plant, Block B, Eastern existing plant for the production, so there is no pollution during construction period.

  2.2 Environmental Impact operators and major environmental protection measures

  (1) Water Environment

  The project mainly for the production of wastewater discharge wastewater and domestic sewage. Cleaning waste wastewater, including raw materials, water preparation wastewater, wastewater CIP cleaning equipment, floor cleaning water, circulating water cooling tower blowdown, boiler blowdown water, including waste water after washing raw materials filtered directly after the other production wastewater and sewage mixing life Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone into Yixian Science-based Industrial Park sewage pipe network, and ultimately into the first sewage treatment plant in the Wuqing depth treatment. Estimated total outfall water quality to meet DB12 / 356-2008 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" (three) limits, no significant impact on the water environment.

  (2) ambient air

  The project mainly from the exhaust gas and raw material gas boiler pomace odor emissions.

  The main pollutants in the exhaust gas boiler dust, SO2, NOx, emission concentration of each pollutant meet "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standard" (DB12 / 151-2003), "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standard" (GB13271-2014) in gas boiler standard limit requirements, discharge standards, the impact on ambient air quality and environmental objectives of the project slightly.

  Marc materials by special airtight containers in full bloom, the staging of a fixed place in the workshop, the daily referred to the agreement to acquire the unit of Sinotrans. Marc smell of raw materials is expected to be able to meet the "stench pollutant discharge standard" (DB12 / -059-95) requirements, so plant community standards. Marc odor of raw materials will not have an impact on ambient air quality and environmental objectives of the project.

  (3) Sound Environment

  According to engineering analysis, device noise generated by the project, including air compressors, cooling towers, circulating pumps, chillers outdoor unit, boiler circulating pumps, the noise source intensity is about 75 ~ 80dB (A).

  The main noise sources for the project production equipment and ancillary facilities, noise control measures to be taken include the rational distribution of equipment, to take the necessary measures vibration and noise reduction, choose low noise equipment noise silencer measures taken. By taking the above-mentioned noise control measures, it is expected to be able to do operators of factory noise standards, will not affect the environmental goals of the project.

  (4) Solid waste

  The project generated solid waste classification in the factory, separate storage. Marc materials generated by the project, using closed containers staging, by the agreement to acquire the unit of Sinotrans daily; after the waste materials collected by the outer packaging sold to recycling sector recycling; waste and garbage clean water filtered by the local sanitation department of removal process.

  3 construction project environmental feasibility

  The construction of the project in line with the national industrial policy; siting of industrial land, in line with the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Development Plan. The atmosphere generated by the project, water, noise pollutants are taking appropriate measures to control environmental management, solid waste disposal reasonable whereabouts requirements can be achieved after the project put into pollutant discharge standards. The projects under the operation of the environmental management measures to ensure the effective implementation of and to ensure full environmental investment into the premise environmentally feasible.

  4 construction unit name and contact information
  Construction unit: if (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd.

  Contact: Ms. Lu

  Tel: 010-57132921

  5 undertake environmental impact assessment of the agency and contact information

  Evaluation Unit: Fourth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry

  Rating agencies Contact: Mr. Guo

  Tel: 0379-64819314

  E_mail: [email protected]

  6 major issues for public comment
  Comments on this project, recommendations and requirements.

  The main mode of public comments 7
  The evaluation of public participation will take the form of random distribution of public participation related questionnaire to solicit public comments and suggestions. The public can also submit written comments to the construction of the fourth unit of Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute, or by sending a letter, fax, e-mail and other means. For more information on the environmental impact evaluation of this project, please contact the fourth Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute to obtain the environmental impact statement (abridged).

  8 publicity and time for comments
  Since information dissemination and expiring on October 23.

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