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Publicity about the 2015 annual National Science and Technology Award candidate projects related content

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  By the China Automobile Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Engineering) participate in the completion of the "intelligent car mounting system key technology research and engineering applications," project was recommended as the China Machinery Industry Co., 2015 National Science and Technology Progress Award candidate projects now the project name of the project, the project introduction, main units, mainly to complete and complete content to be publicized.
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  Attachment: 2015 Steam Engineering recommended the National Science and Technology Award project publicity Content

National Science and Technology Progress Award - Recommended Project publicity

Professional Review Group mechanical
project name Research on key technologies of intelligent assembly systems and automotive engineering applications
Recommended units China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Mainly to complete Unit name China Automobile Industry Engineering Co., Ltd.
Innovation Promotion Contribution   China Automobile Industry Engineering Ltd, preliminary project planning, project studies to determine the direction and post-specific implementation and promotion of the project to promote innovation and contributions are as follows:
1. Build a collection of changes in the key automotive assembly process feature, the measure passed the state space model and deviation; constructing efficient precision auto loading system combined three-dimensional model;
2. Build car assembly logistic model proposed adjustable, controllable drive assembly system logistics planning method, responsible for the implementation and optimization of car assembly logistic model of three-dimensional simulation;
3. Specific implementation of dynamic self-organizing algorithm, built trailer body system control architecture system based on transparent data link under the cloud, and is responsible for the frame;
4. reconfigurable fixture detailed design and standardization work; capture lift skateboard, intelligent variable-station monorail transport system, warehouse equipment and other development challenges;
5. The establishment of the whole process of quality monitoring and evaluation methods of mathematical model, based on the quality and the establishment of a fully integrated IT quality management systems;
6. This project of innovative technologies in the Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Daimler MRA total installed capacity transport system applications;
7. The key core components procurement and project management.
name Tianjin University
Innovation Promotion Contribution   Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University has a high level of research personnel and advanced laboratory equipment, research-oriented projects and institutions equipment manufacturing related issues provides a theoretical and technical support: the use of modeling language, compiler technology and execution model of the physical system constraints and digital systems operating descriptive analysis, comparison and control, automotive assembly system planning visualization; study of large-scale, practical theoretical issues heterogeneous network interconnection model, to achieve a highly efficient internal data exchange system for vehicle assembly dynamic system of local self-government and overall coordination NE provided technical assurance; parts for car assembly complex relationship of connection (there are a plurality or a group of parts assembled relationship between the two parts at the same time the assembly), Tianjin University, researchers from the assembly formation process start, in-depth study of the assembly and assembly information model feature model on the establishment of the assembly tolerances volume allocation method and data structure assembly dimensional chain assembly constraints based features for integrated table positioning precision assembly systems development to provide a theoretical support; for automotive precision combined installed precision control problems, establish quantitative expression for the assembly process error propagation prediction and control of the group, analyzes the impact of the adjustment process on the final assembled vehicle performance, which describes the vehicle assembly process, key collection features changes characteristic measurements and deviation transitive relation, based on co-loading process deviations affect the assembly process and the accuracy of the prediction rule of the vehicle to determine the assembly to adjust its strategy in order to ensure accuracy of the assembly of the vehicle. Researchers study of Tianjin University for the innovative project provides a strong theoretical support.
In addition, Tianjin University well-known domestic enterprises and good relations of cooperation with relevant universities to promote the popularization and application of the project.
name Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Fourth
Innovation Promotion Contribution   Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. as the fourth participant in the project, from start to finish involved in the implementation of the project; promotion of innovation and contribution to the project are as follows:
1. For multi-vehicle assembly line assembly station differences, and develop adaptive reconfigurable control systems and equipment to achieve the stepless adjustment fixture rapid exchange and holding position to meet the production line efficient and flexible demand.
2. Responsible lift skateboard, intelligent variable-station monorail transport system.
3. The project of innovative technologies in Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Branch), Shanghai GM (Shenyang) North Sheng Motor Co., Ltd., Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch, SAIC Motor Corporation Limited passenger car division, SAIC Motor-CP Co., Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., promote the use of the SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch of the project.

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