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China Automotive Engineering Party Committee launches a series of voluntary service activities on thematic education

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China Automotive Engineering Party Committee launches a series of voluntary service activities on thematic education

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2019/12/09 00:01
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At noon on November 21, in the early winter and slightly cold, in the lobby of the first floor of Block B of the China Automotive Engineering Headquarters and the 7th floor of the new comprehensive building of the Luoyang Fourth Academy, the volunteer service and charitable donation activities were carried out in order The lovely volunteer friends counted the amount of materials...

At noon on November 21, in the early winter and slightly cold, in the lobby of the first floor of Block B of the China Automotive Engineering Headquarters and the 7th floor of the new comprehensive building of the Luoyang Fourth Academy, the volunteer service and charitable donation activities were carried out in order The lovely volunteer friends counted the amount of materials, checked the wish list, and organized the packaging materials ... A warm energy full of positive energy flowed in the hearts of every employee of the China Automotive Engineering Corporation.






In order to further carry out the theme education activities of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, and further inspire the majority of party members and cadres to strengthen their ideals and convictions, and shoulder the responsibilities and missions, the China Automotive Engineering Party Committee organized a series of voluntary service activities in combination with the theme education work plan.


From October, under the call of the company's party committee, several party branches in the Tianjin headquarters joined hands with the Wenchuanli community party committee to carry out voluntary service activities for party members to enter the community, integrating civilized practice into learning and education. Party members and youth members uphold the volunteer service spirit of "do not be afraid of dirt and not tired", and comprehensively renovate the public environmental sanitation in the community. By clearing the green lawns, organizing the community to place items and bicycles, and clearing the small psoriasis ads in the corridor And sanitary corners, etc., so that the living environment of community residents can be effectively improved and truly do good things for the masses.


In early November, the Party Committee of the Fourth House organized an affiliated branch with the counterpart villages for poverty alleviation and “1 + 1” co-construction to be the “porters” of caring radishes, using volunteer service to convey warmth. Use actual actions to slogan "A party member is a banner, a volunteer is a positive energy."


In mid-November, under the guidance of the company's party committee, the company's youth league committee contacted the poverty alleviation working group of Weidian Town, Qin'an County, Gansu Province to learn more about the current status of poverty alleviation work and problems that needed to be solved. "Micro-wish" and release it within the company. After understanding the situation, the party members and members of the various party branches and groups began to act. 100 "micro-wishes" were quickly claimed, and colleagues who did not claim them also bought cotton shoes, books and stationery to donate.


From November 21st to 22nd, Tianjin, Luoyang, Beijing, Jinan, Zhuhai and other places collected more than 1,000 kilograms of donated clothing, about 400 kilograms of books and stationery, and several other cultural and sports supplies. At present, most of the materials sent from various places have reached their destination, and the warmth full of love and hope will soon flow around the children in Weidian Town, Qin'an County, to accompany them through a warm winter and encourage them to welcome a better tomorrow.


The launch of a series of voluntary service activities has once again strengthened the sense of responsibility of party members, cadres and youths. Everyone has stated that they must turn the enthusiasm and spirit of struggle inspired by the theme education into practical actions to fulfill their missions. Good job, "do not forget the original intention, remember the mission", and make new contributions to the development of the enterprise; on the other hand, we must continue to participate in more voluntary service activities, actively take on social responsibilities, and implement the original intention and mission through practical actions.