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Ingenious work, competitive strength, and practicing the spirit of artisans-the 3rd China Automotive System Labor Skill Competition

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Ingenious work, competitive strength, and practicing the spirit of artisans-the 3rd China Automotive System Labor Skill Competition

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2018/05/14 00:01
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In order to improve the basic operation level and prefabricated quality awareness of all employees, on April 26, the joint manufacturing department of the Party and Industry Group of the China Automotive Industry Corporation held a labor skills competition with the theme of "striving together, forging ahead, and developing together" at the North Central Base.

In order to improve the basic operation level and prefabricated quality awareness of all employees, on April 26, the joint manufacturing department of the Party and Industry Group of the China Automotive Industry Corporation held a labor skills competition with the theme of "striving together, forging ahead, and developing together" at the North Central Base.


After more than a week of careful preparation, the contest started officially at 9:30 in the morning. A total of 76 workers enthusiastically signed up to participate, which is by far the largest number of participants in the China Automotive System. The competition system is divided into two competition groups with 6 special items, which are based on technical and technological requirements, and focus on evaluating individual professional skills.


The first group consists of three items: gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, and flame cutting. Each player turns on the stage, prepares, inspects, and welds. The work in weekdays is now reproduced in this way. For each player, it is a The familiar and unfamiliar challenge is also a comprehensive test of its skills, quality, and safety. As the competition progresses, "works" are produced one after another.


The operation of CNC machine tools requires professional knowledge as a support. Therefore, the competition has set up a knowledge contest and skill operation to comprehensively test knowledge and skills. Under the skilled operation of the players, the large-scale CNC machine tools operated in an orderly manner. The roar of the punch and the sparks of the laser were intertwined, which fully demonstrated the good business skills and professional style of the craftsmen of the China Automotive Industry Corporation.


This competition increased the proportion of quality factors and emphasized quality awareness. The judges carefully reviewed a test paper, which reflected such a quality awareness: Taking quality as the handsome, strict control of quality, not only to meet customer requirements It is also a respect for products and labor. As the saying goes: one minute on stage and ten years off stage, after fierce competition and comprehensive evaluation, a total of 26 people won the first, second and third prizes.


In this competition, the players have a correct attitude, are serious and orderly; the judges judge fair and fair. Participants are confident and strictly in accordance with operating standards. At the same time, participants learn from each other, guide and stimulate the craftsmanship of all members, and strive for excellence.


The labor skills competition is a featured event of the China Automotive Industry Corporation. It has been successfully held for three sessions so far. In the future, the company will conduct labor skills competitions around different themes, accelerate the training of skilled personnel, improve the overall quality of the workforce, enhance competitiveness, and build A high-skilled talent team has laid a solid foundation for improving enterprise production efficiency and product quality.