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Qunying gathered Qibian martial arts to build the dream of China Automobile-The first professional skill competition of China Automobile Engineering was successfully held

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Qunying gathered Qibian martial arts to build the dream of China Automobile-The first professional skill competition of China Automobile Engineering was successfully held

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2018/10/31 00:01
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From October 25th to 27th, China Automotive Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the China Automotive Engineering Corporation) responded positively to the 2025 China Manufacturing Action Program, carried forward the spirit of big country craftsmen, promoted the company's solid foundation, established the company's quality awareness, and improved employee skills At the same time, in order to further improve the support capacity of the manufacturing sector for general contracting projects, the company ’s labor union organized the “First Automobile Engineering Skill Competition” to establish a mutual exchange for the “craftsmen” in the engineering manufacturing sector Learning platform.

From October 25th to 27th, China Automotive Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the China Automotive Engineering Corporation) responded positively to the 2025 China Manufacturing Action Program, carried forward the spirit of big country craftsmen, promoted the company's solid foundation, established the company's quality awareness, and improved employee skills At the same time, in order to further improve the support capacity of the manufacturing sector for general contracting projects, the company ’s labor union organized the “First Automobile Engineering Skill Competition” to establish a mutual exchange for the “craftsmen” in the engineering manufacturing sector Learning platform.



The contest set up a total of 5 operation items: manual arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, manual tungsten arc welding, manual flame cutting, and numerical control operation. 34 elite players from 4 branches participated actively. On the arena, the production elites and welding and cutting experts took the initiative to show their demeanor. The six competition areas were sometimes dazzling and sometimes anxious. The on-site jury strictly controlled the safety and civilized operating practices to the appearance of the finished products. Build a fair, just and rigorous scoring bastion.


After two days of fierce competition, the skills competition came to a successful conclusion, and all the contestants have made full use of their talents and achieved excellent results.

After the award ceremony, many outstanding players shared their experiences. The winners of the championship selflessly took out their housekeeping skills to share with the players. During the sharing session, the participating teams said that this skill competition is a process of learning from each other and improving each other. In the future daily production work, high quality and efficiency should be the core of the manufacturing business, and the products should be made into "crafts ". At the same time, on-site contestants, team leaders, experts from the competition organizing committee, and judges also opened an open technical exchange and sharing, and discussed and exchanged experiences on actual problems in production and future production and management directions. change.



At the end of the competition, Chairman Li Xianwei, the organizer of the China Automotive Engineering Union, stated that the organization of this competition was an attempt by the China Automotive Engineering Union to "build a platform for culture and perform technical skills." Always focus on the overall situation of production and the development of the company to carry out more meaningful employee activities.

The complete success of this professional job skill competition is the true portrayal of all frontline technical staff of China Automotive Engineering Corps. With sincerity and ingenuity, they forge a dream together; with solid skills, they jointly contribute to the second venture and create a better future for China Automotive Engineering.