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The start ceremony of the second phase of the project of BYD Xi'an Painting of China Automotive Engineering Corporation was successfully held

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The start ceremony of the second phase of the project of BYD Xi'an Painting of China Automotive Engineering Corporation was successfully held

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2019/05/24 00:01
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On April 28, the commencement ceremony of BYD Xi'an Painting Phase II project and the pre-treatment electrophoresis equipment entry ceremony were successfully held. Liu Zhenyu, general manager of BYD Xi'an Base, Li Zifeng, chief operating officer of BYD Xi'an Base for passenger cars, Zeng Yonghui, deputy director of China Automotive Engineering Painting Engineering Academy, the painting team and suppliers' leaders attended the ceremony.

On April 28, the commencement ceremony of BYD Xi'an Painting Phase II project and the pre-treatment electrophoresis equipment entry ceremony were successfully held. Liu Zhenyu, general manager of BYD Xi'an Base, Li Zifeng, chief operating officer of BYD Xi'an Base for passenger cars, Zeng Yonghui, deputy director of China Automotive Engineering Painting Engineering Academy, the painting team and suppliers' leaders attended the ceremony.


The ceremony was first addressed by Liu Zhenyu, general manager of BYD's Xi'an base. General Manager Liu reviewed the development history of BYD's automotive coatings, fully affirmed the development of BYD's automotive coatings, and highly praised the contribution of China Automotive Engineering to BYD's automotive coatings and its contributions to Xi'an. The safety, quality, and schedule of the second phase of the project put forward higher requirements and hope that all members will work together for this goal.


Zeng Yonghui, deputy dean of China Automotive Engineering and Coating Engineering Institute, delivered a speech on behalf of the general contractor. Dean Zeng first thanked BYD Automotive for its support and trust in the project, and made commitments on behalf of the general contractor to strictly implement the company's quality standards. System, everything is customer-centric, and the second coating plant in Xi'an has been established as an efficient, intelligent, and green benchmarking factory, helping BYD Auto achieve greater success. Finally, Li Zifeng, the chief operating officer of the BYD Xi'an base for passenger cars, spoke first. President Li first expressed his sincere gratitude to all parties who supported the construction progress of the second coating plant in Xi'an, and briefly introduced the technological highlights and milestones of the second coating plant. Immediately, President Li announced the entry of the pre-treatment electrophoresis equipment of the BYD Xi'an Painting Phase II project. A truck loaded with pre-treatment electrophoresis equipment slowly entered the painting workshop, marking that the Xi'an Painting Second Plant officially entered the new installation of equipment. stage.
BYD Xi'an Painting Phase II is another coating general contracting project cooperating with China Automotive Engineering and BYD Auto after Xi'an Phase I project and Shenzhen project. The entrance ceremony is only the beginning of a new phase of the project. Subsequent installation and commissioning will face the challenge of higher quality progress requirements. Members of the China Automotive Engineering Project Department are ready to work together to show the spirit of "cooperation and progress, sincerity and excellence". Complete equipment installation on time, make unremitting efforts and struggles for the first qualified body off the assembly line.