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MES System of Digital Factory for Driver-Cab of YTO Group Corporation Passed Acceptance

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MES System of Digital Factory for Driver-Cab of YTO Group Corporation Passed Acceptance

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2019/09/06 09:43
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MES system of digital factory for agricultural-machine intelligent driver-cab of FLAGAUTO, YTO Group Corporation successfully passed the final acceptance on March 14th, 2019, an EPC project undertaken by Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE for short),which marks the successful implementation of the first full-function and full-business process MES system by AE.

MES system of digital factory for agricultural-machine intelligent driver-cab of FLAGAUTO, YTO Group Corporation successfully passed the final acceptance on March 14th, 2019, an EPC project undertaken by Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE for short),which marks the successful implementation of the first full-function and full-business process MES system by AE.


This project was launched in November 2017. The functional modules include: system management, basic data management, production planning management, production management, quality management, equipment management, etc. The implementation process of information project, which mainly focuses on software development, has been developed and completed in nearly 15 months.

The digitized factory MES system is the key system of Driver-Cab National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory of YTO Group Corporation. The successful implementation of this project has achieved the goal of paperless digital production of YTO FLAGAUTO, and greatly improved the production efficiency and quality.