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  According to the development of the enterprise needs company every year, holding various professional training pertinence and help them learn issued by the state has all kinds of professional qualification certificate. Company encourages employees according to individual career planning to attend training, such as:
 home2_65.jpg The new employee orientation: Company history and culture, working procedures, management platform, the quality system, foreign language, training, etc.
  home2_65.jpgOn-the-job training:Design process, design software, standard, responsibilities, etc.
  home2_65.jpgOn-site training:Understand the situation, accumulate practical engineering experience, etc.
  home2_65.jpgTraining abroad:International engineering company management concept, workflow, project operation mode of training, strengthening the language training, etc.
  home2_65.jpgEducation degree:Famous universities and schools, on-the-job education continue.
  home2_65.jpgSenior leadership skills training.